Decoding HK’s History

[或許體制內的學術自由已崩塌,民間更要自強不息]I’ve put in my money, and faith, in this meaningful and important archival research for the future of Hong Kong – let’s fight the good fight! Please support my brilliant and courageous comrades in crowd funding >>>
Last century, the people of Hong Kong were denied a seat on the discussion table regarding the city’s own future. As Hong Kong approaches the 20th anniversary of its handover from British to Chinese rule in 2017, and with 30 more years until its current status expires, the former colony has now reached a critical opening through which we should revisit its history and envision a future.
One way of achieving this would be to examine historical records that pertain to the handover talks and the fate of Hong Kong. The city’s lack of archival laws, however, means that access to these sources is sealed off from the public.
We—the Liber Research Community, Demosisto, and a group of young scholars—hereby propose a comprehensive archival research project that aims to look into previously undisclosed or classified files that may (re)initiate discussions about Hong Kong’s democratic development, post-2047 possibilities, and related social matters. By proposing an independent research project “Decoding Hong Kong’s History: Declassified Archival Research on the Future of Hong Kong”, we hope to contribute to exposing the historical truth of both Hong Kong’s future and many of the social realities. By analysing key undisclosed documents in different archives, our research would be critical not only for scholarship, but also for future social and democratic movements in Hong Kong and, eventually, for the fate of the city we live in.
Proposed research works:
1. Forming a team of young scholars to locate and organise declassified records related to the discussion of Hong Kong’s future in the 1980s, which are archived in seven centres in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the UK and the US.
2. Forming a specialised team to analyse and classify those records, and to provoke public discourse.
3. Generating a public and media platform to nurture independent research, to create featured coverage, and to educate the public on this issue.
4. Engaging the public by visualising our research findings.
Main research themes:
1. Sovereignty and the future of Hong Kong: to card and reorganise the events of the Sino-British negotiations from 1979 to 1984, the proposed solutions to Hong Kong’s future, and the controversy over the removal of Hong Kong from the United Nation List of Non-Self-Governing Territories in 1972, etc.
2. Constitutions and legal system: to sort out the disputes over the drafting of the Basic Law, inparticular the provisions for interpretation of the Basic Law, and proposals on constitutional development and electoral systems, the birth of functional constituencies in the Legislative Council, and roadmap for democratisation, etc.

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